What Activities Are There To Do at River Bend?

Most of our Seniors at River Bend are very active and love the outdoors.  They can take walks along the river on the walking trail, play golf next door at the Municipal Golf Course, swim year round in the indoor swimming pool, sign up for classes at the Leo Sweet Community Center and a host of other activities.  The community center offers classes in yoga, water aerobics, floor exercisers, ping pong and others.  Hiking is nearby and bike paths are available for bicycling.  At River Bend, you can be as active as your heart desires, or relax and enjoy it all.

Is There a Monthly Maintenance Fee, and if so, What Does it Cover?

There is a monthly maintenance fee of $435 that covers all maintenance on the residence, inside and outside.  Air filters and alarm batteries are changed regularly.  Complete lawn service is included, so you never have to mow the lawn again.  During the course of your residency, appliances, painting, roofing and all maintenance of the home is the responsibility of River Bend.  No more plumbing issues...just let the Maintenance Department know and they handle all the repairs.  The water and trash are included in the monthly fee, as well as homeowner's insurance that covers the property.  The Resident also DOES NOT PAY property taxes.

Will My Pet Be Welcome?

Of course!  We recognize that pets are apart of the family and we welcome your pet to River Bend.  Many of our residents enjoy daily walks around the green belt or along the river with their pet.  We limit the size of pets to small or medium and ask that residents leash them and be responsible for picking up after them to make sure our grounds are kept beautiful.

What About My Family and Grandchildren?

​Children and grandchildren are part of your family, and as such, we encourage Residents to nurture family relationships.  At River Bend, there are plenty of activities for the family to engage in with you as you continue to enjoy a care-free independent lifestyle.  While family members are not allowed to live with Residents, vacations and regular visits are welcomed and encouraged.

Don't worry about leaving your friends when you move to River Bend - they will come to see you often.  Carlsbad is a major tourist area with such attractions as the world famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Living Desert State Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Residents Enter Into a Life Lease. What does that mean?

Life Lease is a tried and true approach to developing and operating housing projects for Seniors, mature adults and special interest groups.  A Life Lease is a housing arrangement where the resident purchases the Right to Occupy a housing unit and to use the common facilities.  The cost of the Life Lease to the resident is the cost of the construction of their specific unit plus a proportionate share of the common areas of the building, which are paid as a monthly maintenance fee.  The overall ownership of the property remains with the not-for-profit society that owns the land.  The Life Lease at River Bend offers you the right to occupy a well appointed home for Seniors that is managed by Lakeview Christian Home's management staff.  A Life Lease offers stability in the housing market to the aging community where the market fluctuations are born by the not-for-profit organization, and not the resident.  

When you or your estate is ready to sell, Lakeview Christian Home will return what you paid, less a small administration fee.  The home will then be refurbished for the next resident.  Unlike the majority of Entrance Fees for similar senior projects, the Life Lease at Lakeview Christian home is not reduced on an annual basis, but the full amount of the Life Lease paid for the unit is refunded, less the small administration fee.