What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Part Independent Living, part Assisted Living and part Skilled Nursing Home, Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer a tiered approach to the aging process, accommodating resident's' changing needs.  Upon entering, healthy adults can reside independently in single-family homes, condominiums or patio homes.  When assistance with everyday activities becomes necessary, they can move into one location for the duration of their life, with much of their future care already planned.  Offering a variety of services within one community, CCRC's guarantee lifetime housing, social activities and increased levels of care as needs change.  This can provide a great level of comfort to both your parents and you and take much of the stress out of the care giving relationship.

From the Association of Retirement Resorts International (ARRI):
In recent years a "revolution" has been quietly transforming the retirement and senior living landscape, both in the United States and various countries around the globe.  Unfortunately, this revolution has been way TOO quiet, and as a result, few Seniors know the exciting options that are available to them.  Nor are they aware of the deeply rewarding and enriching lifestyle that can be enjoyed because of this "revolution".  The ARRI Retirement Resorts Worldbook is published to make some "noise" about these exciting changes, to inform Seniors of their options, and to help then identify the "new generation" communities both designed for a new generation of Seniors.  

River Bend Retirement Community was chosen by to be listed in the Presidential Edition of the Association of Retirement Resorts International, a directory of the world's finest retirement communities.

A subsidiary of Lakeview Christian Home of the Southwest, River Bend Retirement Community is an independent living community comprised of beautifully appointed single-family homes and patio homes located on the river in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  If the need arises as residents age, Lakeview Christian Home offers Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care and Home Health and Hospice care in a loving and caring Christian environment.